IN THE NEWS: Gareth Murray reflects on his player-coach adventure so far

By Jamie Thomas

The life of a coach at any level of the game can certainly be a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences – especially in your first year at the highest possible level in the country – and combining that with maintaining a successful professional playing career is no mean feat.

It is a challenge that Glasgow Rocks player-coach Gareth Murray has tackled with poise though, as his debut campaign in the Emirates Arena hotseat has seen him build a new team and philosophy in Scotland with an eye on a successful future for the Rocks.

We caught up with the 36-year-old GB International recently to discuss the highlights of his journey into coaching so far.

“The whole experience has been a highlight and is going to help me massively for the future with everything about coaching. To test my wits against the coaches in this league is a really great challenge. I hope to coach as many games as the likes of Paul James, Rob Paternostro, Atiba Lyons, Vince Macaulay and others in the future.

“I’ve played against these guys for a long time and they’ve coached against me over a number of years so they’re going to know me well, they’re going to know my philosophy as a player and now a coach. I talked to Paul recently to congratulate him on his 1,000 games and he’s seen everything as a coach, and it’s good to talk to people like him, learn and develop.”…