Glasgow Rocks Statement – Robert Archibald & Kobe Bryant

Like the rest of the Basketball world, Glasgow Rocks would like to express its deepest sympathies to the family and friends of both Robert Archibald and Kobe Bryant.

Robert Archibald proved that it is possible to come from a small country like Scotland and achieve your goal. To be the only Scotsman to play in the NBA shows what can be achieved if you have the desire, humility and self-belief alongside undoubted ability. He will be sadly missed by all.


The word Legend is often overused in sport, but for Kobe Bryant the word Legend is entirely appropriate. His achievements are well documented, and his legacy will remain with us forever.


It has been a dreadfully sad week for the world of Basketball. Both men had a significant impact and influence on both young and old, and on basketball fans, sport fans and the wider public.

Glasgow Rocks will mark the passing of these two great men with a minutes applause at their next home game on Friday 31st January.