INTERVIEW: General Manager Sean Skelly reflects on 2020/21

Hello Rocks fans.

Just like that, the season that almost wasn’t is complete. Or at least it is unfortunately for our roster.

It’s a strange mix of emotions that are difficult to capture, but I’ll make an attempt. Disappointment, anguish, relief, sadness & hope. It’s certainly been a baptism of fire to say the least for Gareth in his first season as a player-coach and I hope the club never again has anywhere near the degree of issues we’ve encountered during the course of this year.

More than ever this year we have had to rely on the hard work of everyone involved at the club and I think it’s really important that I highlight those who have been with us during this very difficult season:

  • Our fantastic photographers in Chris Cox and Emily Worms who were joined later in the season by Marc Campbell and Iain Spowart
  • Our media team in Emma McKinnon, Fiona Brambley and Ross Waldrop who have helped to push the club into fantastic new social media territory as well as professionalise our older socials
  • Joseph Epelomu for his graphic design work and significant other input along with Gregor Hynds
  • Lauren Thurley our physiotherapist, Zoe Black our sports psychologist, Zeeshan Lateef and Sarah-Jayne Stevenson our S&C team
  • Our three “Rocks Doc’s” Marina, John and Margaret who helped to keep us safe this entire season without any Covid issues
  • Aaron and Evan Chambers who kept the nets fixed and the floors clean during the games

  • Ewan and Bethanie for keeping the basketballs in the right place and disinfected
  • Our data team in Mike Bargh and Conall Anderson
  • Grant Young for his excellent player interviews and podcasts
  • Ciaran O’Brien and the team from UWS who helped us with so much this season from gym access and equipment to support and so much more
  • The students from UWS in Grace Mbisa, Colin Falconer, Kevin Craigens, Scott Young and Sandrine Wyrich
  • Alan Caldwell and Craig Anderson for their match reports
  • Kieron Achara, John Bunyan and Mark Woods for the match commentary
  • Paula from Consilium Sports who have arranged and excellently managed our very difficult travel schedule and Adam our ever-diligent driver.
  • Our exceptional and numerous sponsors who have backed the club to the hilt during this undoubtedly tough period for them

  • The Rocks Family and the Rocks OSC who have done so well with so many limitations – we cant wait to work closer with you in 2021/22
  • The BBL, table officials, etc who have kept the games ticking along
  • Sport Scotland, Basketball Scotland and the relevant government authorities who decided to back sport during the pandemic
  • Mark and his Emirates staff and managers for being incredibly hospitable
  • The players for all of their efforts this year
  • Assistant Sean Davidson and team manager Gary Penders for taking care of the bench
  • Gareth Murray who we can’t wait to see flourish in his role in front of the fans
  • Duncan Smillie & his fellow Rocks owners for giving the club an excellent platform to grow

And finally, Mitchell Simpson who will soon be leaving the organisation and will be missed. Thank you for everything you have done for the club. We wish you all the best in the future.

Despite our games being behind closed doors, the club has needed to rely on so many people to operate and I think it’s really important to acknowledge everyone.

The support we have had from you, the fans has also been fantastic. We’re itching to get back in front of you and have some really exciting and fun things in the pipeline that we’re looking forward to revealing over the coming months.

I hope we can put 2020/21 behind us and look forward to the future with renewed vigor.

Until then, we hope you all have a safe and healthy summer and enjoy what is remaining of the basketball season.