Glasgow Rocks Media Accreditation: 2020/21 Season

Per the announcement about media accreditation for BBL matches, the Glasgow Rocks will directly be organising media accreditation for their games.

Before matches return, we thought it best to clarify our position on media accreditation.

First and foremost; there are strict limitations that must be adhered to. The number of available spots for non-essential personnel is limited to properly adhere to social distancing measures set by both the Scottish Government and the British Basketball League. For the safety of players and to help improve the likelihood of matches being able to continue, this number must be cut wherever possible.

Being able to play matches takes the utmost priority, therefore protection of all involved is of major importance.

As a result of this, we have made the decision that we will be restricting media access to two designated club photographers and direct media partners. Any images wanting to be used by other parties must be requested directly through the Glasgow Rocks. An online cloud service will be organised so that others may gain access to the images (provided appropriate credit is given).

Interviews with players or coaching staff will only be available to personnel within these positions. If you are seeking interviews or comments from players, please contact the club directly to arrange contact outwith a game.

All media staff given access to matches must adhere by the Venue Plan of the Emirates Arena. They will be given access to the YELLOW ZONE of the venue. If you breach this zone, you are putting yourself and others at risk and therefore may be asked to leave or refused access for future closed-door matches. Specifics are as follows:

YELLOW ZONE:  Distanced Floor Access

Members of staff with YELLOW ZONE accreditation will be allowed access to media desks at a barriered distance from the court. Allowing those involved to observe the match, gain a narrative, and gain distanced courtside access. This yellow zone is explicitly restricted and those in this zone cannot gain closer access to the court. Breach of limitations will put you in breach of the venue specific plan to facilitate matches and can result in you being removed or denied future access to games.

While in this zone masks MUST always be worn, and social distancing must be adhered to. Exceptions for this must be requested. Due to restrictions in place, members within the YELLOW ZONE may not have direct access to players within the venue. They can be reached elsewhere by contacting the club directly.

Due to current partnerships, students outside of current partners will not be able to gain access for photography privileges but will be considered for journalism grounds.

For any other questions, please contact the Glasgow Rocks’ Gameday Manager & COVID Officer, Mitchell by email: