Words from Captain Gareth Murray

Right now as I sit in my house reflecting on the season and life in general, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who supports the Rocks.  I hope everyone is at home safe with their loved ones in these uncertain times.

 As a player that’s played in this league for many years it has been a strange season but one I will never forget.

We started back in September with the new format of the cup. Not starting league play until December. Throw in a few weekends of trophy action in between.

Robert Archibald and Kobe Bryant both passing away.

Then for the season to end in the middle of March over a world virusNot a season anyone could have predicted and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the league will continue this season. 

I would like to thank all our fans and sponsors for their excellent support. Without you, it wouldn’t be possible.

 I would also like to thank the Rocks management and staff for their efforts to try and make each year successful.

 Thanks to Coach Lavandier for bringing your work ethic, knowledge and experience to Glasgow.

Lastly the guys on the court.  The Basketball season is a long 9 months (usually). With half the team away from family and friends, chasing the dream of being paid to play the game they love.  The game that has given us so many stories, experiences and friends across the world.  To the guys who are from here working multiple jobs to survive;  to the young guys who want an opportunity to show what they can bring to the Rocks – Thank you for your efforts every day and your sacrifice to make yourself and teammates better. The season didn’t end how we wanted but the memories will last a lifetime.

Basketball and sports provide a lot of outlets for many people.  Whether it’s the pros who earn a living from participating to the people who enjoy a casual jog around the park.  Or the fans who travel to support their favourite team every week.  To the friends who meet up weekly to play their favourite sport.  Sport brings families, friends and communities together. When this passes let’s not forget that.  

Right now the most important thing we can all do is look after ourselves and each other.  Let’s enjoy the time together, doing the housework, DIY, watching Netflix for hours, spending more time with the kids teaching them new things. Spending those extra hours in the back garden pretending to be Steph Curry, James Harden or Jonny Bunyan.

Once again thank you to everyone involved with the Rocks.

Hope to see you in the 20/21 season.


Stay safe


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