Raiders steal the show from Rocks in late comeback


Despite coming off a fantastic win over Worcester Wolves to claim their first home win of the season last weekend, Rocks momentum could not continue onto their next game against Plymouth Raiders.


The boys in blue got off to an excellent start, with all cylinders pumping. Bouna Ndiaye and Ali Fraser got us off to a quick 5-0 start. Rocks always stayed in front, methodically putting the ball in the basket and holding the Raiders offensive powerhouses of Nicholas and Rashad Hassan at bay.  With things looking good, Kieron Achara chipped in on the scoring, putting his defender to sleep with the jab step, then knocking it down over him giving the Rocks a solid start in front of the home crowd.


Plymouth took a timeout to fix things early on, as the basket seemed to have a lid on it for them. The quick chat seemed to fix things as they crawled back close, closing the quarter out down 16-13.


Things started strong again for Glasgow as they went on a quick 11-2 run, giving themselves some breathing room over the Raiders. Everyone was making a great effort on defence, holding the Plymouth offence to a standstill.


Shots just weren’t falling for the Raiders as Glasgow continued to extend their lead. 2-time BBL Team of the Year participant, Rashad Hassan was making his debut in this match and really made his presence felt on the interior.


Gareth Murray was quietly putting on a show and commanding the floor, commanding his side to a gigantic 41-27 halftime lead.


Coming out of the locker room, Rocks could almost taste sweet victory, one more half of excellent basketball and the W was theres.


The quarter started the same, with Rocks methodically notching up the scoreboard. Then so did Plymouth, trading baskets, ticking over their own tally. Suddenly, it stopped for Rocks. The defence let up and the shots weren’t falling. This wasn’t helped with Greg Pryor sitting on the bench for large chunks of the 3rd, due to his injury. Nor did Murray getting ejected help, with no leader on the floor except Achara, the guys would have to trust themselves to stay in the lead


Plymouth kept applying the pressure, Rocks kept missing the mark. Plymouth’s big 3 of Wilcher, Hassan and Nicholas suddenly had a spark that the Rocks were unable to contend with.


Leading by as many as 17, Rocks ended the penultimate period, only up by 6, 56-50, as Wilcher had dragged his team back into the game.


Things got even close in the final quarter, but Rocks were able to hold on to their lead and trade baskets. The defence would need to become more aware if they wanted to pull this one out the bag.


Hassan was a real issue inside, Glasgow were unable to deal with as he notched over 20 points on the night. So much so, at just under 5 minutes left in the match, Plymouth took their first lead, and that was the start of things going downhill.


Once the heads dropped, Coach Darryl Wood was fighting a losing battle to keep his men focused, clearly missing the presence of Murray – who recieved his second technical in the third – it was a strange atmosphere in the Emirates.


As quick as the lead disappeared for Rocks, Plymouth had gained full control of the game. The Raiders would keep going on little 3-0, 4-0 runs, that Rocks would answer, nevertheless, the visitors still on top.


Rocks had closed it to 1 in the final minute, but chasing that go-ahead basket, left them vulnerable and Plymouth capitalised as it became a free-throw game. Plymouth came out on top of to ice the game at hand.


Plymouth travel back down to the Pavilions with a well-earned 77-72 win over your Radisson Red Glasgow Rocks.

In a post-game interview, coach Darryl Wood said it was time to stop making excuses after the tough loss to the Raiders.


Rocks now have a short break before they travel down south again to face the Raiders again in the BBL Cup on the 16th of November.


Rocks are back at the Emirates on the 18th of November when they face Surrey Scorchers. Get your tickets now at: