Rocks Fixtures Revealed!

The 2019/20 BBL Season will start on Friday September 20th for the Radisson RED Glasgow Rocks with a trip to Manchester in our opening BBL Cup Group Stage Fixture.

And on the Sunday (September 22nd) we return to ‘Fortress’ Emirates Arena to face rivals Newcastle Eagles in the Home Opener for Vincent Lavandier’s new look side.

And in what should be a tightly contested group – the Rocks also face off against Leicester Riders, Cheshire Phoenix and Sheffield Sharks.


We will then start our BBL Championship campaign against last seasons playoff opponents, London City Royals in December.

BBL Cup knock-out stages, BBL Trophy & Playoff games will be added throughout the season.

Here’s how we line up so far:


Friday 20 September 2019                                        7:00pm    CUP   (A)  Manchester Giants

Sunday 22 September 2019                                       5:00pm    CUP   (H)  Newcastle Eagles

Friday 27 September 2019                                        7:30pm    CUP   (A)  Newcastle Eagles

Friday 4 October 2019                                              7:30pm    CUP   (H)  Manchester Giants

Friday 11 October 2019                                            7:30pm    CUP   (A)  Sheffield Sharks

Sunday 13 October 2019                                                      All Star Championship

Sunday 20 October 2019                                           5:00pm    CUP   (H)  Leicester Riders

Friday 25 October 2019                                            7:30pm    CUP   (H)  Cheshire Phoenix

Friday 8 November 2019                                          7:30pm    CUP   (A)  Leicester Riders

Friday 15 November 2019                                         7:30pm    CUP   (H)  Sheffield Sharks

Sunday 17 November 2019                                        5:30pm    CUP   (A)  Cheshire Phoenix

Saturday 7 December 2019                                        7:30pm     CH    (A)  London City Royals

Sunday 8 December 2019                                          4:00pm     CH    (A)  London Lions

Friday 20 December 2019                                         7:30pm     CH    (A)  Worcester Wolves

Sunday 22 December 2019                                        5:00pm     CH    (H)  Cheshire Phoenix

Friday 27 December 2019                                         7:30pm     CH    (A)  Leicester Riders

Sunday 29 December 2019                                        5:00pm     CH    (H)  Newcastle Eagles

Friday 10 January 2020                                            7:30pm     CH    (H)  Manchester Giants

Friday 17 January 2020                                            7:30pm     CH    (H)  Sheffield Sharks

Friday 24 January 2020                                            7:30pm     CH    (H)  Surrey Scorchers

Friday 31 January 2020                                            7:30pm     CH    (H)  Plymouth Raiders

Friday 7 February 2020                                            7:30pm     CH    (H)  Bristol Flyers

Saturday 15 February 2020                                       7:00pm     CH    (A)  Surrey Scorchers

Sunday 16 February 2020                                         5:30pm     CH    (A)  Cheshire Phoenix

Friday 28 February 2020                                          7:30pm     CH    (H)  London City Royals

Sunday 8 March 2020                                               5:00pm     CH    (H)  Worcester Wolves

Friday 13 March 2020                                              7:30pm     CH    (A)  Plymouth Raiders

Saturday 14 March 2020                                           7:30pm     CH    (A)  Bristol Flyers

Sunday 22 March 2020                                             5:00pm     CH    (A)  Sheffield Sharks

Sunday 5 April 2020                                                5:00pm     CH    (A)  Manchester Giants

Sunday 12 April 2020                                               5:00pm     CH    (H)  London Lions

Friday 17 April 2020                                                7:30pm     CH    (A)  Newcastle Eagles

Sunday 19 April 2020                                               5:00pm     CH    (H)  Leicester Riders