STATEMENT: Van Sauers, Kwedi and Mpondo

Glasgow and Scotland are wonderful places to live and grow. It is, however a place that is not immune from racism.

We are deeply saddened to report that the organisation and our players have encountered this first hand this year, when David Mpondo, Julius  Van Sauers and Marc Kwedi were the victim of racist abuse within weeks of joining the club at the start of the season.

They were threatened, referred to as “Monkeys”, made to feel watched and unwelcome and were harrased with neighbors calls to the poilce claiming that they had prostitutes in their property. The incidents eventually spiralled into their car being attacked and their tyres being slashed along with the windscreen being smashed by a hammer.

We discussed this with them on Rocks TV:

As it is was a police incident the club have held off speaking about this. Unfortunately, we do not have any hard evidence of who attacked the car therefore there is little that can be done in terms of prosecution. However, we feel like the least we can do is draw attention to the incidents that have occurred.

Racism is not something that is a distant problem. It is in Glasgow, it is in Scotland and it is and can be everywhere.

We are happy to report that the players have since been moved to another property where they have encountered no further disturbances.

It goes without saying how deeply saddened we are that this was their first experience of Glasgow.

Filmed and produced by Joseph Epemolu from Amplify Black Voices.

The league is linked with Black Lives Matter and it’s never seemed more appropriate.