THANK YOU: For your messages of support and your kindness

After news broke last week of the terrible issues with racism that Julius Van Sauers, David Mpondo and Mark Kwedi encountered earlier in the season Glasgow Rocks would like to thank each and every one of you for your wonderful messages of support that you have sent to the club.

We have received hundreds of Tweets, E-mails, DM’s and messages as have the three players in question.

The story has been covered across a vast array of media including the BBC, Sky Sports, Daily Record, Scottish Sun, STVThe Herald, The Times, The Scotsman, The Herald & many more publications, radio shows and articles.

Dr Bridget McConnell CBE the chief executive of Glasgow Life has personally written to the club to express her sadness at the situation:

The club although saddened by the issue itself are happy to see it has been used to facilitate a discussion around the issue of racism.

“It’s really heartening to see all of the messages of support we have received” said Julius Van Sauers.

“Our phones have been going crazy with messages over the last week and the media attention has also been considerable.

“It’s important that issues like this are spoken about out in the open and we appreciate the club being involved in that process.

“Thank you to everyone for reaching out. Glasgow is a wonderful city and we’re happy here. I can only hope that this is the last time we need to all talk about an incident like this.”

We are also delighted to announce that the media attention has led to the police reopening the case to investigate further if any charges can be made.

We would also like to thank Martin Brown and David Blackmore from Fleet Alliance who have generously offered us the use of one of their fleet of cars.

Racism charity Show Racism the red card showed their support over on Twitter:

As did the BBL, Basketball England and Scotland:

The OSC and the rest of the Rocks family:

Various other professional basketball teams including this weekends opponent the Cheshire Phoenix:

As well as various basketball professionals including our own Kieron Achara:

The coverage has also spread to the player’s own countries with various reporters from France and the Netherlands getting in touch.

We sincerely hope we never encounter an issue like this again.