UPDATE: Match Broadcasts, restrictions & manned cameras

This season has been one unlike any other, and the challenges that have needed to be overcome have also been numerous. One of the most impactful for you, the fans, has been the issues with the broadcast of a number of our home games this season.

From cameras being cut off to issues with image quality, we are aware and have been in constant communication with both the providers of our hardware (Keemotion), and the BBL to overcome these issues. In an ideal world we would have unlimited support and access to fix these issues but due to the ongoing pandemic and restricted access to the venue, this has not been possible. Aside from essential visits (gamedays & training) we do not have regular access to the venue yet. As the restrictions slowly loosen, this will change but by then it will likely be too late. The league will be over just as we return to some office space normality. Keemotion themselves are based in Europe and the current travel restrictions means that technicians cannot be sent to the Emirates.

There is no singular issue to point the proverbial finger at, there are several struggles that come with an automated camera system and the introduction of a new platform for watching matches, but the best thing we can do is keep persevering. Finding solutions or at least viable alternatives in the short term is our priority, we are continuously adapting and learning as we go. I have faith that in time the quality of broadcasts can improve.

With the end of the season in the distant horizon, we have a lot of home matches ahead of us (which we are referring to as ‘The Gauntlet’). With these games comes more opportunities to try to identify the problems and fix the service we offer at the Emirates Arena. We are working closely with all parties involved to overcome the issues that have hurt your viewing experiences and it is a near daily topic of conversation in “the office” to try and find the best solution.

Shorter-term (for the match this Wednesday and Sunday) we’ve been able work with the BBL to get previous streaming partners Televideo involved and the games will be streamed through a fixed manned camera rather than the current system of automated cameras. We hope this will reduce any issues we’ve been encountering so far. We have since before the season started been pushing for us to have the ability to stream pre-game and half-time shows and pre-recorded adverts but we’re being told it just isn’t workable at the Emirates for the moment.

The Rocks appreciate the continued support from our community and city. Without our fans we would not be where we are today, and we cannot to wait to have you all back in our arena cheering on our squad! In the meantime purchasing merchandise and stream passes really does directly help the club get through this difficult season and we thank each and every one of you for doing this. Without you, there would be no Glasgow Rocks and we assure you that hasn’t been forgotten.